Rina Steenkamp - Privacy and technology

My annotated General Data Protection Regulation

Chapter VII Co-operation and consistency

Section 2 Consistency

[Consistency mechanism]

Article 57 - Consistency mechanism [More information]

[Consistency on matters of general application]

Article 58 - Consistency on matters of general application [More information]

[Consistency in individual cases]

Article 58a - Consistency in individual cases [More information]

[Opinion by the Commission]

Article 59 - Opinion by the Commission - Deleted [More information]

[Suspension of a draft measure]

Article 60 - Suspension of a draft measure - Deleted [More information]

[Notification of Parliament and Council]

Article 60a - Notification of Parliament and Council [More information]

[Urgency procedure]

Article 61 - Urgency procedure [More information]

[Implementing Acts]

Article 62 - Implementing Acts [More information]


Article 63 - Enforcement [More information]