May 2010

[Feasibility and real-world implications of web browser history detection | Identity theft - the aftermath 2009 | The Italian Google-case - privacy, freedom of speech and responsibility of providers for user-generated contents | What you see is what they get - Protecting users from unwanted use of microphones, cameras and other sensors | I'm allowing what? Disclosing the authority applications demand of users as a condition of installation | How global organizations approach the challenge of protecting personal data | How unique is your web browser? | Experimental security analysis of a modern automobile | Digital competitiveness report | The information dividend: Can IT make you 'happier'? | Privacy regulation and online advertising | Information security breaches survey 2010 | Journal of Virtual Worlds Research | Is the internet for porn? An insight into the online adult industry | "The strategic context and the role of data protection authorities in the debate on the future of privacy" | "Data protection and cloud computing under EU law" | "Internet of things: ubiquitous monitoring in space and time" | Legal, economic and cultural aspects of file sharing | Priorities for research on current and emerging network trends | Evaluation of Directive 2006/24/EC and of national measures to combat criminal misuse and anonymous use of electronic communications | Report on the joint review of the implementation of the Agreement between the European Union and the United States of America on the processing and transfer of Passenger Name Record (PNR) data by air carriers to the United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS) | The economic and social role of internet intermediaries | Opinion on the Proposal for a Directive of the European Parliament and the Council on waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) | Mobile identity management | Flying 2.0 - Enabling automated air travel by identifying and addressing the challenges of IoT and RFID technology | Analyzing the first years of the Ticket or Click It mobilizations]

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Toezicht op de AIVD

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Onderzoek vijf privacy-intrusive toepassingen

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Verzoek om inzage persoonsgegevens mobiele telefonie

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Dagvaarding BZK wegens vingerafdrukken in database

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"Hoe stabiel wilt u het hebben?" - De Eenduidige Loonaangifte en de Polisadministratie

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Nieuws en opinie: Stichting Brein

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Hoe je vooral niet moet omgaan met kritiek op internet

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