January 2011

[[On] "A comprehensive approach on personal data protection in the European Union" | The slide from "self-regulation" to corporate censorship | The Federal Trade Commission and privacy - defining enforcement and encouraging the adoption of best practices - version 2.0 | DNA databases and human rights | Lessons learned [on combating Conficker] | A step-by-step approach on how to set up a CSIRT | Reducing systemic cybersecurity risk | Data breach notifications in the EU | Security and resilience in governmental clouds | The impact of eHealth on the quality and safety of health care - a systematic overview | Law, technology and shifting power relations | Global status report on the Governance of Enterprise IT (GEIT) - 2011 | Security threat report 2011 | Measuring bias in "organic" web search | Some skepticism about search neutrality | Piracy is the future of television | Annual report PandaLabs 2010 | Opinion 8/2010 on applicable law | The long arm of EU data protection law: Does the Data Protection Directive apply to processing of personal data of EU citizens by websites worldwide? | Distributed Denial of Service attacks against independent media and human rights sites | The "certificate authority" trust model for SSL: a defective foundation for encrypted web traffic and a legal quagmire | Threat assessment (abridged), Internet facilitated organised crime | The state of the electronic identity market: technologies, infrastructure, services and policies | Monitoring and ensuring compliance with Regulation (EC) 45/2001 | Smartphones: Information security risks, opportunities and recommendations for users | How to shop safely online | Commercial data privacy and innovation in the internet economy: a dynamic policy framework]

NOREA Richtlijn 3402 - assurance-rapporten betreffende interne beheersingsmaatregelen bij een serviceorganisatie

More at... [11/01/28 (NL/01)]

(Dreigende) tekortkoming en verzuim van IT-dienstverleners

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Phishing, kinderporno en advance-fee internet fraud

More at... [11/01/14 (NL/01)]

Virtuele objecten - echt voor het recht?

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ICT Barometer over de overheid en ICT

More at... [11/01/14 (NL/03)]

VMC Studiemiddag

More at... [11/01/14 (NL/04)]

Veel incidenten ICT-beveiliging bij bedrijven

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