Rina Steenkamp - Privacy and technology



Since November 2007 I've been working as a technologist for the Dutch data protection authority. My work involves anything where technology affects privacy or vice versa. Earlier I worked as an IT auditor for a governmental organisation, as a consultant in the private sector with QA, testing and IT auditing as my main areas of expertise, and in various systems development positions. I have extensive experience in both the public and the private sector. [More information]


In 2005 I graduated from the post-doctoral IT auditing course at Erasmus University, Rotterdam. In 2011-2012 I took the part-time Master in Compliance Management course at Technical University, Delft (discontinued after the first year). In 1997 I completed the AMBI course. [More information]


In 2007 I co-edited and contributed a chapter to 'Geboeid door ketens', a Dutch-language book about chain automation in the public sector. Also, I'm active in NOREA, the Dutch professional society of IT auditors, and in PvIB, an information security society. [More information]

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