Rina Steenkamp - Privacy and technology



Dutch data protection authority

Since November 2007 I've been working as a technologist for the Dutch data protection authority. My work involves anything where technology affects privacy or vice versa. I have participated in investigations of processing of personal data, and I co-authored privacy guidelines and opinions on new legislation, and acted as project manager for a number of these activities.

Inspectie Werk en Inkomen

From February 2003 until November 2007 I worked as an IT auditor / project manager for the Inspectie Werk en Inkomen, an independent "watchdog" organisation within the Dutch Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment. I worked on several investigations in the areas of information security, privacy, an the feasibility of large, innovative IT projects. Several of these investigations have resulted in public reports.

Sogeti Nederland B.V.

From May 1997 until February 2003 I worked for Sogeti Nederland B.V. (formerly IQUIP Informatica B.V.) as a quality consultant. For a number of different clients, mostly banks, I've been involved in test process improvement projects, IT auditing and consultancy. I've developed two Intranet websites for clients, and also worked on Iquip's Intranet site. I performed audits at client's offices in Hong Kong, Singapore, Sao Paulo and Sydney, and also spent a month in London working on a client's Intranet site.

Earlier work experience

I began my career in IT in an IBM mainframe environment, initially as a COBOL and PL/1 programmer and later as a systems designer, information analyst and project manager.


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