September 2010

[Privacy papers for policy makers | Token attempt - the misrepresentation of website privacy policies through the misuse of P3P compact policy tokens | Facebook and the new age of privacy | A guide to data governance for privacy, confidentiality, and compliance - part 5: Moving to cloud computing | The avoidable cost of downtime | Incentives and challenges for information sharing in the context of network and information security | The rise of apps culture | Social engineering capture the flag results | Cybercasing the joint - on the privacy implications of geo-tagging | The human impact | Internet governance in an age of cyber insecurity | Contracts for clouds - comparison and analysis of the terms and conditions of cloud computing services | Cell phones and American adults | Linking biomedical informatics, grid computing and nanomedicine | Protecting your daily in-home activity information from a wireless snooping attack]


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Risicoanalyse EPD-DigiD

More at... [10/09/17 (NL/02)]

Op weg naar intelligente netten in Nederland

More at... [10/09/12 (NL/01)]

Staat van het Bestuur 2010

More at... [10/09/12 (NL/02)]

De Verwijsindex risicojongeren: hulpverleners als privacyjuristen?

More at... [10/09/03 (NL/01)]

Rapport algemene bevindingen kwaliteit accountantscontrole en kwaliteitsbewaking

More at... [10/09/03 (NL/02)]

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