October 2010

[Targeted enforcement and shared lawmaking authority as catalysts for data protection in the United States | Can society afford to rely on security by afterthought not design? | E-Deceptive campaign practices report 2010 - Internet technology and democracy 2.0 | Unplugged | Security intelligence report | Global fraud report | Build a privacy plan for your business | Fight terror, defend freedom | iPhone applications and privacy issues - an analysis of application transmission of iPhone Unique Device Identifiers (UDIDs) | TaintDroid: An information-flow tracking system for realtime privacy monitoring on smartphones | Privacy 3.0 - the principle of proportionality | A terminology for talking about privacy by data minimization - Anonymity, unlinkability, undetectability, unobservability, pseudonymity, and identity management | Network Accountability for the domestic intelligence apparatus | The prototype of privacy: Analysing privacy discourse through its features | Researching privacy in HIV care: An ethnographic analysis of methods | Attacks and design of image recognition CAPTCHAs | Reservoirs of danger - The evolution of public and private law at the dawn of the information age | Social media governance | Privacy and the smart grid | State of software security report - The intractable problem of insecure software | Cloud computing: Australian lessons and experiences]

Happy Landings? Het biometrisch paspoort als zwarte doos

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Internetters bezorgd over online dreigingen

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Het landelijk EPD als blackbox - Besluitvorming en opinies in kaart

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Zijn foto's en beeldopnamen 'rasgegevens' in de zin van artikel 126nd SV en artikel 18 Wbp?

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De amendementen van de Richtlijn Burgerrechten op de e-Privacyrichtlijn

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Zwartboek Wob

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Identity theft in de ICT - Onderzoek naar de wenselijkheid van een Belgische en / of Europese regelgeving

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Jaarverslag 2009 en kwetsbaarheidsanalyse

More at... [10/10/02 (NL/04)]

Pentesten doe je zo

More at... [10/10/02 (NL/05)]

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