November 2010

[ACTA as a new kind of international IP law-making | The US Department of Commerce and international privacy activities: Indifference and neglect | (Fr)agile? Risk management and agile software development | Information security management system for Microsoft cloud infrastructure | Use of the internet in higher-income households | VERIS | The role of internet service providers in botnet mitigation: an empirical analysis based on spam data | Draft report on the impact of advertising on consumer behaviour | Opinion 7/2010 on European Commission's Communication on the global approach to transfers of Passenger Name Record (PNR) data to third countries | Enabling trade in the era of information technologies: breaking down barriers to the free flow of information | A matter of trust: Integrating privacy and public safety in the 21st century | A comprehensive approach on personal data protection in the European Union | Report to the nations on occupational fraud and abuse | Geoslavery | 4% of online Americans use location-based services]

Waar kan ik u nog meer mee van dienst zijn? Spiegonderzoek naar de beleving van gemeentelijke dienstverlening volgens burgers en gemeenteambtenaren

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Rapport Staatscommissie Grondwet

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Nationaal trendrapport cybercrime en digitale veiligheid 2010

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Databases. Over ICT-beloftes, informatiehonger en digitale autonomie.

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Een verborgen wereld: kinderpornografie op internet

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Whitepaper Raamwerk Beveiliging Webapplicaties

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