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My annotated General Data Protection Regulation

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[Directive 95/46/EC]

Chapter I General provisions

Article 1 Object of the Directive [More information]

Article 2 Definitions [More information]

Article 3 Scope [More information]

Article 4 National law applicable [More information]

Chapter II General rules on the lawfulness of the processing of personal data

Article 5 [More information]

Section I Principles relating to data quality

Article 6 [More information]

Section II Criteria for making data processing legitimate

Article 7 [More information]

Section III Categories of processing

Article 8 The processing of special categories of data [More information]

Article 9 Processing of personal data and freedom of expression [More information]

Section IV Information to be given to the data subject

Article 10 Information in cases of collection of data from the data subject [More information]

Article 11 Information where the data have not been obtained from the data subject [More information]

Section V The data subject's right of access to data

Article 12 Right of access [More information]

Section VI Exemptions and restrictions

Article 13 [More information]

Section VII The data subject's right to object

Article 14 The data subject's right to object [More information]

Article 15 Automated individual decisions [More information]

Section VIII Confidentiality and security of processing

Article 16 Confidentiality of processing [More information]

Article 17 Security of processing [More information]

Section IX Notification

Article 18 Obligation to notify the supervisor [More information]

Article 19 Contents of the notification [More information]

Article 20 Prior checking [More information]

Article 21 Publicizing of processing operations [More information]

Chapter III Judicial remedies, liability and sanctions

Article 22 Remedies [More information]

Article 23 Liability [More information]

Article 24 Sanctions [More information]

Chapter IV Transfer of personal data to third countries

Article 25 Principles [More information]

Article 26 Derogation [More information]

Chapter V Codes of conduct

Article 27 [More information]

Chapter VI Supervisory authority and Working Party on the Protection of Individuals with regard to the Processing of Personal Data

Article 28 Supervisory authority [More information]

Article 29 Working Party on the Protection of Individuals with regard to the Processing of Personal Data [More information]

Article 30 [More information]

Chapter VII Community implementing measures

Article 31 The Committee [More information]

Final provisions

Article 32 [More information]

Article 33 [More information]

Article 34 [More information]


The Regulation and Directive 95/46/EC

Directive 95/46/EC is repealed by the Regulation. The specifics can be found in Article 88. [More information]